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Sam Wright

(Managing Director at Blink SEO, Norwich & Birmingham)

"Paul is an excellent credit controller. His client management is excellent and he also has great attention to detail. For businesses in need of credit management, I can't recommend highly enough"

Philippa Bindley

(Head of Customer Experience at Norfolk Chamber of Commerce)

"Paul assisted us with credit control across two months in order to receive payment from overdue customers at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. He was very professional and consistent in his approach to our debtors while keeping us updated with regular reports, making a huge impact on our overdue debt. Paul also made suggestions on how to improve our accounts and credit control processes. We would happily recommend PJS Credit Management"

Ben Farrin

(Managing Director at Pocket Media Group, Norwich)

"In a short amount of time Paul has made a positive impact on our business and collected huge amounts of overdue debt. By nature, he is a proactive person who complements our team well. I'd recommend him as a Credit Manager/Controller for any business"